This is Us


"A thing of beauty is a joy forever"

"When I was 19, I knew in my heart my passion was hair"

"My vision and artistic ability come from within and shines outwardly"

"I love my work; to me it is a vision of art"



"At age 4, I secretly began cutting my dolls hair and the rest became history"

"I feel it is important to make people feel better about themselves and give them a new sense of pride and self-worth"

"This isn't just a job for me, it's a exciting journey with my life-long friends"



"I've been a stylist for eighteen years"

"My clientele is made up of women as well as men"

"I devote my time to my clients and help acquire the look to suit their wants and needs"

"I love transforming a basic hair style to the latest fashion craze"



"Hair is not a job to me, it's my passion"

"My clients are very important to me and I appreciate each one"

"I love my new home, come visit Hair Bellagio!"



"I love helping people bring their inner beauty out in their desired look."

"Taking my time and effort to make each and every person feel as happy as possible is my priority."

"I'm blessed to be working with my second family and we welcome you to be part of it as well."